Self Care on the Go: 5 Natural Remedies to Stay Comfortable while Traveling

Woman traveling

Epsom Salt Rub

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Whether you’re visiting family in a neighboring state or packing your bags for an exotic location abroad, discovering new places is exciting. However, bouncing from flight to flight or sight to sight comes with some unpleasant side effects.

“Traveling can stress your body out,” says Kim Weiler, an International Certified Holistic Health Coach and author. “Your skin alone can experience dryness, cracking, itching, flaking and chapping of all sorts.”

From skin irritations to jet lag, here’s a five-item kit that you can pack full of all-natural travel aids to make sure the effects of traveling won’t interfere with your adventures.

1. Natural soap with aloe vera

At the end of a long sightseeing-filled day, you’ll want to wash the day’s grime from your face. A natural soap infused with aloe vera is a must for every travel skin care kit. Weiler says she won’t wash her face with anything else when she’s on the road.

You can find aloe-vera infused natural soap in travel size bars or as a liquid in small bottles. Just wet your face, gently rub in the soap and rinse it away.

2. Epsom salt rub

Whether you travel by plane, train or car, being in a cramped position for a long period of time can create muscle pain. When your lower back is throbbing from driving eight hours or your legs are cramped from sitting in the middle seat on an airplane, relieve the pain with PROcure’s Epsom Salt Rub.

Apply a small amount of concentrated Epsom salt gel to the sore area for quick relief. The magnesium in Epsom salt is absorbed into your skin and helps soothe the pain.

3. Natural oils

When you travel, your skin tends to dry out. Rather than pack a bottle of lotion, consider using natural oils instead. Weiler suggests coconut or hemp seed oil as a moisturizer.

“These oils aren’t just great moisturizers, they reduce inflammation, itching and irritation too,” she says. “Natural oils are the perfect travel companion since they’re non-sticky, inexpensive and work better than chemical-filled lotions.”

4. Shea butter

Protect your skin while you’re away from home with shea butter. This natural substance, which is actually fat that’s extracted from the nut of an African shea tree, has been a reliable skincare product for centuries.

“Shea butter protects your skin from hot or cold weather and has all sorts of essential fatty acids, vitamins and healing properties that protect your skin,” says Weiler.

Grab a bottle of pure or organic shea butter at your favorite retailer and apply it to your skin on a regular basis to keep it smooth and hydrated. Weiler even suggests applying shea butter to your lips to protect them from the elements as well.

5. Melatonin

If you’re traveling to a different time zone, melatonin can help you battle jet lag. Melatonin is a natural hormone found in your body. When it’s nighttime, melatonin levels increase and help you go to sleep.

When you travel across time zones, your schedule changes and your body isn’t sure when to produce melatonin. To compensate, you can take 0.5 to 8 mg of melatonin on the day you arrive at your destination, and continue to take for 2 to 5 days.

With these five natural travel aids in your bag, your body and your skin will be ready to handle anything. Once you travel with these items and see how helpful they are, you’ll never leave the house without them.