Epsom Salt and Aloe Vera: An All Natural Skin Care Routine

Epsom Salt and aloe vera

Epsom Salt Rub

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Have you ever looked at the ingredients in a face wash or foot scrub? Many contain harsh chemicals, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, formaldehyde and triclosan. Aside from being difficult to pronounce, these ingredients can harm your body, which is why changing your skincare routine to include all natural products, like Epsom salt and aloe, is a wise choice.

Skin Care Products Aren’t Regulated

Most people assume that cosmetics are tested and screened by the FDA long before they ever hit the aisles of a supermarket. However, that assumption is wrong. The FDA doesn’t approve cosmetics before they hit the market. It’s up the manufacturers to test the products for safety and they don’t have to share their safety records with the FDA, nor is the government agency authorized to recall any products.

There are a few laws that regulate cosmetics, but most focus on honest advertising and sanitary packaging rules. If you’re bothered by the lack of oversight, or just want skin care products that you trust, it might be time to opt for an all natural skin care routine.

Epsom Salt and Aloe: a Natural Way to Care for Your Skin

Two ingredients that are found in nature, Epsom salt and aloe vera, can help keep your skin clean, clear and soft. Epsom salt works as an exfoliant to remove dry, dead skin cells. With new skin exposed, the magnesium that’s in Epsom salt can absorb into the skin along with aloe to rid your skin of grime and leave a soft, smooth finish.

Here’s a list of ways to use Epsom salt and aloe in your skin care routine:

Natural Foot Scrub

Do your feet need a little attention? Your feet should have their own skin care routine, says Rupinder Mangat, CEO of MEVEI, a company that creates natural beauty products.

Mangat suggests mixing water, Epsom salt, argan, liquid castile soap and a few drops of tea tree oil to make a cleansing, soothing foot scrub for your cracked feet.

Natural Sunburn Relief

Summer brings “less than desirable skin conditions,” Mangat says, one of which is sunburn. Your skin gets red, irritated and dehydrated.

When your skin gets too much sun, prepare a spray bottle with warm water, Epsom salt and aloe. Spray it on your sunburn for instant relief.

Face Wash

An Epsom salt skin care regimen can keep your face clean and clear. Grind Epsom salt into small crystals to use as an exfoliant. Wet your face with warm water, put Epsom salt on the tips of your fingers and rub it on your face in a circular motion. The Epsom salt removes dry skin and clears any dirt or grime from your face. Blot dry and rub a small amount of aloe into your skin as an all natural moisturizer.

To make this process a bit easier, consider buying PROcure’s Epsom Salt Rub with Aloe. Simply wet your face, rub it in, rinse and dry.

When you’re ready to switch your skin care routine to an all natural one, look for ways to incorporate Epsom salt and aloe. The two natural elements make the perfect pair when it comes to skin care.