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At some point, everyone deals with sore muscles. Whether your shoulders ache from hours of yard work or your calves are on fire after a 5-mile run, you want instant relief.

There are various chemical-based medications available to treat sore muscles, but an older, all-natural remedy—Epsom salt—offers relief with no risk.

Epsom salt baths have been used for centuries to relieve sore muscles. So, how does this magical compound get the job done?

The 500 Dalton Rule

Research suggests the key mineral in Epsom salt, magnesium, absorbs into the skin and provides soothing pain relief. To break down the science, the mass of magnesium is 24 Daltons (a unit used to measure atomic mass). According to the 500 Dalton Rule, a molecule that is below 500 Daltons has the potential to pass through skin membranes. This rule places magnesium in a range that easily penetrates skin.

In essence, when Epsom salt is added to a bath, the molecules are small enough to pass through the skin and into the body.

The Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium has a wealth of health benefits. It’s naturally found in the body and is known for its pain-relieving abilities.

When you’re in pain, your brain releases a chemical known as NMDA. Studies show magnesium actually slows the production of this chemical, helping relieve pain.

So, when you sit in a hot Epsom salt bath, the combination of warm water and magnesium in Epsom salt provides a natural remedy for sore, stiff muscles.

Magnesium calms nerve pain as well. Studies suggest that if the magnesium levels in your body are too low, nerve sensitivity increases. Those with nerve pain often take magnesium supplements to find relief.

Epsom Salt: Not Just a Bath Salt

An Epsom salt bath isn’t the only way to get relief for tired muscles. Epsom salt can be used and applied in many different forms.

An Epsom salt rub, for example, condenses the pain soothing power of magnesium into a concentrated, easy-to-use gel. Simply massage it into the painful area for quick relief — no bath required.

Science has proven what generations of pain sufferers have always known: Epsom salt relaxes muscles, reduces inflammation and alleviates muscle pain. The absorption of magnesium into the skin provides a quick, all-natural fix for sore muscles. Much like an Epsom salt bath, PROcure Epsom Salt Rub absorbs into the skin for fast-acting relief of muscle pain on the go.

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Did You Know? Aloe Vera

Aloe also penetrates the skin 4x better than water alone, allowing the restorative powers of Epsom Salt to reach painful areas quicker.

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