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Epsom Salt and aloe vera Epsom Salt and aloe vera

Epsom Salt and Aloe Vera: An All Natural Skin Care Routine

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in a face wash or foot scrub? Many contain harsh chemicals, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, formaldehyde and triclosan. Aside from being difficult to pronounce, these ingredients can harm your body, which is why changing your skincare routine to include all natural products, like Epsom salt and aloe,…

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Woman traveling Woman traveling

Self Care on the Go: 5 Natural Remedies to Stay Comfortable while Traveling

Whether you’re visiting family in a neighboring state or packing your bags for an exotic location abroad, discovering new places is exciting. However, bouncing from flight to flight or sight to sight comes with some unpleasant side effects. “Traveling can stress your body out,” says Kim Weiler, an International Certified Holistic Health Coach and author….

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3 Reasons Why Epsom Salt Is an Effective Skin Softener

It may seem hard to believe, but salt can actually be a natural skin softening treatment. Not just any salt, though. Epsom salt, which has a different chemical and ionic makeup from table or sea salt, has an incredible moisturizing effect on dry skin, helping you to both exfoliate dead skin cells on top and…

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PROcure Hydrocortisone Cream + Calendula

PROcure Hydrocortisone + Calendula is the good for you hydrocortisone because we focus on the other 99% of ingredients. All the medicine you need,1% max strength hydrocortisone, without all the stuff you don’t. We replace common irritants with skin loving, high quality skin care ingredients like Coconut Oil and Olive Oils to truly heal your…

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